Saw a Youtube video about 1 man (Let’s call him M) vs a crowd of 100 or so. Let’s not think about any reason for this event, but just look at what happened.  M and a woman (Let’s call her W) had a long-going quarrel on a popular internet public social networking media, with no resolution, W asked M to a public park for confrontation. The video begins after W gathered a few dozen passers-by and started yell and lash questions on M.

M, while trying to talk sense with everyone, was constantly being yelled at for he called names on W during their internet quarrel. Sometimes when someone stands out and speak with a louder voice, others will pause for a while and cheer, then repeat after him. This happens more frequent if this man said something like “Booo”, or calling name on M. Minutes after, people in the crowd will sometimes catch an opportunity to hit M. While not fighting back, M asked them if everyone can calm down and have a debate with him. Many people would yell back “You don’t deserve the right to debate!” When the crowd seemed to be on the verge of losing control, M said “Physical assaults are illegal”, but would only get denials such as “No one hit you”, or “We didn’t see anyone hitting you”.

Someone (S) eventually stood out to have a regular debate (although he was also the one yelling the loudest and said “I didn’t hit you, but I don’t care if others did”), and questioned M’s reason. M started to pull out evidences to support his stand, but immediately a celebrity (C) came in and knocked M aside. M, finally losing patience and hope, tried to leave. However, S stalled him and tried to call C, perhaps wanting a bigger fight. The crowed finally knocked M down and perhaps kicked him a few times before he flee. Perhaps it wasn’t enough, the crowd started cheering and yelling names at M until police showed up.

I don’t think the story behind this is as remotely important as what this shows. Each person might have ideas and something to say, but when gathered as a crowed, only the loudest can be heard, as long as this voice comes from themselves and while they are a stronger force.


Originally I planned to watch The Life of Pi with a couple of friends at Metro this afternoon. I’ve booked the tickets for all three people, and was excited to see this highly rated movie. Unfortunately, I also have just installed Far Cry 3 and it far exceeds its previous title. The game is loaded with various materials and a solid plot. Together they present with beautiful graphics, and I could not take myself away. And so, I kept progressing in the game and ignored the time until it’s 9AM and I was both physically and mentally tired. Once again I gave in to the urge of going to bed, and had not woke up until its few minutes before the movie was to start. Unfortunately I live at least an hour away from busing to Metro, so I was not able to watch the movie, plus a wasted ticket.

I’ve bought a few things during Black Friday. Monitor, camera, router, USB drive, and internal a hard drive. Although the most useful one is the monitor, I felt more for the internal hard drive, a 3 TB Seagate Barracuda. With Canada soon going to act on more strict enforcements on pirating, there really shouldn’t be much reason to add another 3 TB drive since I already own about 5 TB on hand. However, saving everything I download just seems to be a kind of hobby for collection, although the subjects may soon become e-waste. For a traditional hard drive, even with SATA 3 interface, its speed is impressive: 170MB read/write with 250MB burst.  Its 6K performance is miserable compared to a SSD, but I did not expect much from that anyway. Plus, given that its read and write speed are equally fast, I’m quite satisfied.

Previously I’ve mentioned about working under pressure would help me concentrate and get the work done. It might not result in best quality, but facts suggest I do get better results closer to deadline then at other times. But why is this the case? I think this applies to a mainly two types of people: 1) people who like challenges but lack of self-discipline; 2) people who are feel insecure. For the first type of people, they need external pressure to remind and supervise themselves on trying better in completing the work. For the second, they want to wait for the pressure to come in, and feel something that they can rely on.

I’m often most productive when close to deadline. For instance, a course I had last semester was reletively hard. Midway into the course I began to feel I would fail this one. There were quite a few quizes throughout the course. I failed most of them. I prayed for a mirracle to get a C. Close to the finals, I began to study the material day and night. After the grade released, I was very suprised to see I got a B. However, craming is the worst strategy. I would most certanly forget everything I’ve crammed after a couple of months if lucky.

I’m currently taking Philosophy 110, an analitical thinking course that teaches symbolic logic. The course content is very similar to what I have learned in MACM101 4 years back. Yet, many of the material tought in the later semester is new to my memory. I later recall these material had also been tought in MACM101 as well. While critisizing the usefulness of my memory in remembering anything I’ve spent hundres of dollars to learn, I also questioned the usefulness of this topic. Symbolic logic is the technique of parsing sentences to symbols with locial connectors. It sound interesting, especially to students who are looking for easy credits, but what could be its practical usage? I don’t recall myself ever using it in the 4 years after I finished MACM101.

As I’ve mentioned in the previous post, there are many things I could do to enhance my lifestyle. Things which may be easy, common, or mondain, could be done a little at a time and eventually build up an entirely different life. However, it’s things like taking one picture a day, writing a few posts a week, practicing calligraphy every night, jog every morning, and learn a new language or even as simple as a vocabulary every once in a while, things like these, which I could do, and should do, that would not do.

I wouldn’t do them not because I don’t like any of them, but because that I don’t like the idea that by doing even the simplest one, would cost a few extra minutes or even seconds of my life that I’m not used to. The reason for my fear should be simple, but yet to be discovered. Objectively looking at this condition, it could be simply cured by leaning to a lifestyle that involves doing what I should, could, but would not do. However, at the same time it is limited by this condition that I can’t get out of it. A boost is required, and what might it be?